jueves, 1 de mayo de 2014

you make me feel like we are in the school yard again

 photo IMG_9163_zps982e7362.jpg
 photo IMG_9246_zps0508d2a3.jpg
 photo IMG_9248_zpsc40d04bf.jpg
 photo IMG_9177_zpsbec6eba3.jpg
 photo IMG_9268_zps04f43bfe.jpg
 photo IMG_9176_zps85ec3135.jpg

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 photo IMG_9218_zpseb36ffd8.jpg
 photo IMG_9219_zps9b5fa97c.jpg photo IMG_9310_zpsf8460aa1.jpg

I'm terribly stuck in James Blunt songs - sister claims. Today is time for 'Postcards' and its good vibe!

Jacket, jeans, bag, heels - Mango
Tee - Zara
Ear cuff - borrowed by my sister 
Necklace - DIY


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