viernes, 31 de enero de 2014

January Instagram Review

 photo 2013-11-19120507_zps4f3878fd.jpg

Sendra doing just what he does best

 photo 2013-12-05122901_zpsc317f07d.jpg

Matrioshkas kinda factory 

 photo 2013-12-28130304_20131228174246889_zpsc5b3ff67.jpg

In an 'eat as much as you want to' restaurant

 photo 2014-01-02144935_20140102150053796_zps0b6cf88c.jpg

 photo 2014-01-18112458_20140118112645224_zps4fe90fb2.jpg

In an everlasting queue under the rain waiting to go inside a huge Mango outlet

 photo 2014-01-18162118_20140118170158428_zps3612589b.jpg

Original price 211.96€, outlet price 13€ - Such a bargain!

 photo 2014-01-19142758_20140119144118898_zps4addf1a3.jpg

Baking time. A coulant I made with sister following Marta's @I'm a foodie and that's it recipe

 photo Diapositiva6-14_zps1ea3c1e9.jpg

Wool pink biker-like coat under construction 

 photo 2014-01-07165115_zps2d4e25b0.jpg

Say 'hi!', croissant

 photo 2014-01-03123455_zpsdee9740e.jpg

A 100% handmade bag 

 photo 2013-12-30165639_zps085b45a7.jpg

Winter evening walks

 photo IMG_20140123_121534_zps9b4643ac.jpg

One of my latest DIY treasures

 photo IMG_20140112_123532_zpsc18a62ee.jpg

Studying together it tastes better

 photo IMG_20140124_142924_zps1b516b1b.jpg

Sisters' newest  items

 photo IMG_20140124_104554_zps2e39b606.jpg

Items and treasures-to-be

 photo IMG_20140125_194229_zpse9f37587.jpg

We've so been int backing lately - next challenge? The 'Rainbow cake'

 photo IMG_20140131_092511_zps5ef5f758.jpg

Knit + shirt 

You'll find me @theycalledmequietgirl


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  1. genial post!
    yo tengo la camisa de la última foto, es de hace mucho, pero sigue siendo de mis favoritas!
    have a nice week,