sábado, 30 de agosto de 2014

miércoles, 23 de julio de 2014

Prom Ceremony

It was my boy's prom ceremony a week ago. He's already finished his degree in Business Administration. 
I'm so proud of him that I have to share it!

 photo IMG_0504-copia_zpscaeec41e.jpg
 photo IMG_0573_zps50b8b003.jpg
 photo IMG_0577-copia6_zps686fff19.jpg

Dress - Mango
Heels - Primark
Bag - Mon petit atelier


PS: Time constraints make updating impssible! But being busy is always a sign that things go right :)

domingo, 25 de mayo de 2014


Like a (mexican) virgin. I want this dress. Next DIY. Yet thinking about it.

 photo images12071385405856lrg_zps39c002ad.jpg
 photo images12101385405883lrg_zps5ed33fd5.jpg
 photo images12121385405899lrg_zpsb70eda72.jpg
 photo images12131385405908lrg_zpsdc8fbc6f.jpg
 photo images12151385405923lrg_zps41f1f4d0.jpg
 photo images12061385405849lrg_zps104081bc.jpg
 photo images12051385405843lrg_zpsf2a9cf81.jpg
 photo images12161385405941lrg_zpsb34c57e3.jpg
 photo images12111385405891lrg_zpseb160ef1.jpg
 photo images11921385405749lrg_zpscaf4d49f.jpg
 photo images11931385405754lrg_zps4892d4aa.jpg
 photo images11911385405744lrg_zpsfea26eb1.jpg



jueves, 1 de mayo de 2014

you make me feel like we are in the school yard again

 photo IMG_9163_zps982e7362.jpg
 photo IMG_9246_zps0508d2a3.jpg
 photo IMG_9248_zpsc40d04bf.jpg
 photo IMG_9177_zpsbec6eba3.jpg
 photo IMG_9268_zps04f43bfe.jpg
 photo IMG_9176_zps85ec3135.jpg

 photo IMG_9185_zps2700dcca.jpg
 photo IMG_9218_zpseb36ffd8.jpg
 photo IMG_9219_zps9b5fa97c.jpg photo IMG_9310_zpsf8460aa1.jpg

I'm terribly stuck in James Blunt songs - sister claims. Today is time for 'Postcards' and its good vibe!

Jacket, jeans, bag, heels - Mango
Tee - Zara
Ear cuff - borrowed by my sister 
Necklace - DIY


domingo, 27 de abril de 2014


A love trip across the dessert has to end up with a wedding in Las Vegas. Yes, it has to.

 photo free-people-wedding9_zps8cb2441e.jpg
 photo free-people-wedding4_zps3cb88844.jpg
 photo free-people-wedding10_zps69d9e411.jpg
 photo free-people-wedding6_zps284bf95b.jpg
 photo free-people-wedding3_zps5d3e4256.jpg
 photo free-people-wedding7_zps3081afc4.jpg
 photo free-people-wedding11_zpsd0b59f01.jpg
 photo free-people-wedding13_zps4bbfec1b.jpg
 photo free-people-wedding1_zps462ee6d6.jpg
 photo free-people-wedding12_zpscaf31b7e.jpg